Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Grand Rapids Low T and Andropause Doctor, Steve Lasater, M.D. at Optimal Wellness Medical specializes in helping men balance their hormones with Hormone Replacement Therapy. Andropause is a phenomenon that affects men as they approach middle age, beginning around age 40. Often called the male version of menopause, andropause marks the time of life when men begin to experience a drop in testosterone levels, often resulting in mild to severe physical and mental side effects. However, unlike women who lose their fertility during menopause, men do not have a physical milestone to mark the experience, and thus may not be aware of what is happening, or why.

What is Andropause?

Male bodies go through many changes as part of the natural aging process. Part of this process is a decline in hormone production. Male hormones such as testosterone are responsible for efficient and healthy operation of many bodily functions including muscle and hair growth and metabolic regulation. As hormone production begins to decline as part of the natural aging process, men may experience a wide range of symptoms related to hormone imbalance. When they have reached their 40’s and 50’s, testosterone levels can have fallen by as much as 25% causing weight gain, muscle atrophy, and possibly even sexual dysfunction.

This stage of life is commonly referred to andropause and the symptoms it can present are often comparable to those that women experience during perimenopause and menopause. Fortunately for men, this decline in hormone levels is not as drastic or sudden as what is experienced by women. As the levels of testosterone gradually start to decline, small changes in energy levels, stamina, and an inconsistent short term memory are usually overlooked by most men. It is usually not until major symptoms or conditions present themselves that men begin to consider looking for a way to feel normal again.

Symptoms of Male Hormone Decline and Andropause Include

Weight Gain
As men age, testosterone levels begin to decline which often results in a loss of lean muscle and a drop in energy levels. This combination often results in weight gain, as estrogen dominance develops due to the loss of testosterone and an increase in body fat. Restoring deficient testosterone levels with Natural Hormone Replacement can help keep men’s bodies performing at optimal levels and prevent hormone related weight gain with age.
Characterized as feelings of severe despondency and dejection. Men experiencing age related hormone decline often have never experienced these feelings of depression before, yet with a changing body, reduced energy levels, and a host of other changes taking place, many middle aged men begin to lose hope. Frustration with body image, sexual performance, or an inability to participate in favorite activities or hobbies can be enough to drive any man to feeling depressed. There is hope, optimizing male hormones using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy has been shown to reverse the signs and symptoms of age related hormone decline and restore youthful energy, vitality and function to the body.
Mood Swings
Typically mood swings are thought of being something that affects women as a result of hormonal changes. Yet men experiencing the age related hormone decline common with andropause often show signs of increased anger, sadness, anxiety, irritability and a short temper. These mood shifts can occur when estrogen and testosterone levels fluctuate and inhibit the chemicals responsible for regulating moods. Restoring hormone balance in men using Hormone Replacement Therapy can help to properly regulate moods and stimulate optimal brain chemistry.
Memory Loss
Testosterone is responsible in helping to regulate cortisol levels in the brain. When the testosterone levels begin to decline, cortisol levels can fluctuate inhibiting mental cognition and causing symptoms such as confusion and foggy thinking. The neurotransmitters are not able to work properly due to the irregular levels of hormones. Ensuring the steady and balanced levels of testosterone in the body as men age can promote a stronger memory and sharper mental cognition into old age.
Low Libido
Decreased sexual and reproductive functions are often a result of low testosterone and estrogen dominance in men. Symptoms can include erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire and even impotence. Replacing deficient testosterone levels using Natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men can improve the symptoms of sexual dysfunction and stimulate libido.
Sleep disturbances can be caused by hormonal interference with the body’s ability to properly regulate brain chemistry and deal with the stresses of everyday life. Usually identified as an inability to get to sleep, or to stay asleep long enough to get rest, insomnia can be a serious condition if it prevents sleep for several days on end. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy has been shown to restore balance in hormone levels and brain chemistry, allowing for restful sleep patterns in men.
Muscle Atrophy
Muscle Loss due to the decline of testosterone levels with aging is a common symptom of andropause. Testosterone binds to muscle cells in the body and promotes both muscle growth and integrity. Low testosterone levels can inhibit muscle growth and allow estrogen to begin to build up in body fat. This cycle of muscle atrophy and weight gain can be stopped in its tracks with Natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men experiencing the symptoms of andropause related hormone decline.

While aging is inevitable and unavoidable, it does not have to be painful and miserable. More and more men in the Grand Rapids, West Michigan area are turning to Hormone Replacement Therapy to restore their youthful energy and vitality as they pass into middle age. Grand Rapids Low T and Andropause Doctor Steve Lasater, M.D. believes that as you get older you should be enjoying life more, not less! Hormone Replacement Therapy can help you get back to making the most of life again.

Stop letting the symptoms of andropause and age related hormone decline dictate your lifestyle, contact Grand Rapids Low T and Andropause Doctor, Steve Lasater, M.D. to schedule a Hormone Replacement Therapy consultation today and learn more about how hormone optimization can help you.