Five years after my hysterectomy at the age of 47, I was feeling sluggish, fat, unenthusiastic about anything, tired all the time, cranky and dreaming of days gone by of long nights with uninterrupted sleep. After reading Suzanne Somers book I knew I had to find help. I’m thankful I found Dr. Lasater. He provides in-depth knowledge of what’s happening inside your body. Blood tests are performed for more than the MD “norm”. Test results are explained in detail. Hormone therapy is adjusted, if necessary, based on current levels revealed by those blood test…

I have been seeing Dr. Lasater for over three years for hormone replacement therapy. I have been very satisfied with the results. Dr. Lasater has always taken his time answering any questions I have and explaining the form of treatment he prescribes.

Dr. Lasater is so caring. I feel secure and well cared for. He treats each patient as an individual. This is NOT cookie cutter medicine. After years of many doctors that did not solve my problem, Dr. Lasater solved it within a few months. I have never felt this well since childhood.

Absolutely friendly and fantastic staff!! Dr.Lasater is VERY knowledgeable and a top-notch doctor in all of Michigan and surrounding area. I highly recommend!!!

Dr. Lasater does fantastic work and is extremely caring towards my individual needs. I would strongly recommend him to anybody and everybody! Thank you so much!

I’ve been going to see Dr. Lasater for about 3 years. I feel so much better. The staff is so nice.

The Dr that I have the most faith in. I take his advise beyond all others!